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Adore Floors, a leading manufacturer of Luxury Vinyl Tile and resilient flooring, combines innovative technology, superior quality and creative design in the development, manufacturing, delivery and support of our products.

Our commitment to customers, the flooring industry and the global community at large is built upon a generation of manufacturing experience.

Innovation characterizes our organization and stems from ongoing research and development efforts. Adore is a true pioneer of innovation:

  • The first to introduce microbiostat technologies to our flooring surfaces
  • The first to reinforce our wear layers with MicroCeramic™
  • The leader in environmental manufacturing practices, since 1979

Whether introducing a new technology or improving on the market offerings, Adore engineers our floors to out perform the market in quality, endurance, features and style.

Innovation.  It’s in our DNA.

Adore Flooring

Flooring for Education

Adore brands create solutions for the challenging requisites that need to be met by education specifiers.  From universities, student residence rooms, classrooms and common areas/corridors, the demands for campus and building design are simultaneously exacting and wide.

Safety, durability and a rich aesthetic are paramount but not second to ease of maintenance, cost of ownership and the lifespan of the floor.

The desire for a rich aesthetic combined with strict standards for safety, indoor air quality, durability and budget accommodation among other desirable features can be limiting.  Fortunately, Adore has created beautiful feature-laden flooring lines capable of meeting these demands.

Look for these and other features throughout Adore’s brand lines..

  • Superior IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)
  • Slip Resistance
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Damage resistant durability
  • Durable, tough wearing MicroCeramic™reinforced layer
  • Duramond™ scratch and scuff resistant surface coatings
  • Cleantech ™ antimicrobial and antibacterial technology

Flooring for Fitness Studios, Gyms and Spas

As one of the most competitive retail businesses, the fitness and spa markets rely heavily on their design and atmosphere for client attraction and retention. In these spaces, combatting moisture, germs and cleaning challenges are key to maintaining a healthy, safe and beautiful environment.

Adore®, Alette® and the NEW waterproof BPC Regent® lines by Adore®, are very suitable flooring choices when specifying for the fitness and spa market .  These high performance floors are designed not only for aesthetics but to help maintain a clean and hygienic space.

Adore® Floors commercial lines include high-performance features such as:

  •  Moisture resistance/waterproofing
  •  Cleantech™ antimicrobial and antibacterial technology
  •  Superior slip resistance
  •  Ease of maintenance
  •  Durable, tough wearing MicroCeramic™reinforced layer
  •  Duramond™ scratch and scuff resistant surface coatings
  •  Damage resistant durability

With beautiful true-to-life visuals that are enhanced for strength, durability, and hygiene, designers can exercise their creativity with Adore®’s flooring lines.

Flooring for Healthcare

Healthcare, in recent years, has become a competitive, consumer-driven marketplace.  This change in the industry has fueled the return of human centric-design to institutional spaces such as hospitals and clinics.

Human-centric design has been proven to support healing, staff productivity, engagement of family visitors and the facility budget.  This win-win scenario has made way for the increase in luxury vinyl flooring usage in healthcare design.

Adore® LVT and sheet vinyl products have positively contributed to design in hospitals, medical offices, nursing homes, elder care facilities, operating theaters, laboratories, sterile environments and other healthcare spaces in the following manners:

Design Aesthetics

Near flawless replication of natural materials, a variety of color options, sheet vinyl heat welding availability and matching mechanical heights give designers the ability to pattern, mix and match and create endless designs.

Indoor Environment

From superior IAQ (indoor air environment), superior slip resistance and noise reduction to vinyl’s soft, comfort underfoot, vinyl flooring can positively contribute to indoor environments.

Clean Environment

Many of Adore’s floors products incorporate Cleantech™ antimicrobial and antibacterial technology.  Vinyl is easy to clean, resistant to stains and Adore Context (sheet vinyl) can be flash coved for rooms where sterility is mandated.

The “Bottom Line”

Adore products offer high durability, a low cost of maintenance, fast installation, reduced downtime and a relatively low cost of ownership.

High Traffic Flooring

High traffic spaces such as grocery stores, restaurants, food courts, educational facilities, lobbies and corridors in corporate offices and municipal buildings often suffer abuses of heavy foot traffic.  In specifying for these areas designers and contractors look for durability as well as attractive design.

Adore manufactures its commercial grade luxury vinyl flooring with proprietary technologies that enhance durability on the surface and in the wear layer for better appearance retention in high traffic areas.  In addition, Adore branded LVT is easy to maintain, inherently moisture resistant and slip resistant, making it an ideal choice for population congested areas.

Technologies and features such as:

  • Durable, tough wearing MicroCeramic™reinforced layer
  • Duramond™ scratch and scuff resistant surface coatings
  • Superior indentation resistance
  • Slip Resistance
  • Ease of maintenance

…and other features make Adore’s commercial floors an excellent solution for high traffic specification.

Hospitality Flooring

In the hospitality industry, there is a direct correlation between design, atmosphere and the success of the business. Hospitality specifiers need to combine aesthetic styling with features such as warmth, comfort, durability, indoor air quality, ease of maintenance, sound reduction, and costs.

Hospitality demands a lot out of its flooring. LVTs rich aesthetic, soft-feel underfoot, ease of cleaning and maintenance, lower cost of ownership and other performance features are attracting specifiers away from traditional materials in favor of the durable, clean and beautiful look of resilient flooring.

Luxury vinyl flooring’s ability to mimic natural materials such as wood and stone to a near flawless “faux real” greatly enhances the specifier’s palette of design.

Vinyl is easy to clean, moisture and stain resistant, for an enduring look that requires little maintenance, saving time and money. The soft feel of vinyl helps to reduce leg fatigue and if you add an underlayment such as Instalay®, sound transmission is further reduced, making luxury vinyl a feasible choice for hotels and other multi-level buildings and for restaurants requiring sound absorption.

LVT is the “soft” hard surface. Use of it minimises dust trappings and other allergens. All Adore® flooring is tested and certified for superior IAQ and adds to the comfort and cleanliness of your space.

Public Spaces Flooring

The design of public space presents a number of challenges as foot traffic amplifies wear, dirt and germs. Specifying Adore® high-performance luxury vinyl flooring not only ensures the right look for your design space but also retention of that look, ease of maintenance and the potential for better health and safety in that environment.

Adore®’s commercial grade product lines use enhanced construction and advanced engineering to heighten product durability. Our 22 mil commercial grade wear layers have superior indentation resistance and scratch resistant surface coatings that preserve the floor’s visual over time and traffic.

Easy to maintain and clean, many of Adore’s flooring lines are enhanced with Cleantech™ microbiostat technology. This feature thwarts the growth of bacteria, virus, germs, and mold facilitating the effort to maintain a clean and healthy environment.

Look for these and other features in Adore floors:

  • 22 mil wear layer
  • Duramond™ surface coating
  • MicroCeramic™ wear layer reinforcement
  • 25 year commercial warranty
  • Cleantech™ microbiostat technology

Residential Flooring

Beauty and convenience are two hallmarks of contemporary home design.  Savvy homeowners are looking for aesthetics that work and that work with their lives.  In flooring this includes:

Attractive visuals

Adore® offers a bevy of design options that include designer inspired visuals and visuals that accurately imitate natural materials, the ability to mix and match products for unique patterning through installation and a variety of size options.

Easy to clean

Resilient flooring is stain resistant, easy to clean and easy to repair.  LVT offers water resistance and even water proofing as in the Adore® Regent lines, in addition many of Adore®’s flooring brands feature Cleantech™ microbiostat technology for antimicrobial and antibacterial defense.

Comfortable and Safe Underfoot

Adore® Floors have a soft, warm and comfortable step, are slip resistance and offer a greater reduction in sound transmission over traditional wood and stone materials.


Luxury vinyl flooring has a relatively low cost of ownership when compared to wood and stone and with the authenticity of today’s visuals and ease of maintenance, this flooring category is one of the fastest growing markets in the industry.

From easy, near fool-proof installation options to unique visuals, Adore® offers flooring that meets the needs of today’s homeowner.

Retail Flooring

Design in retail space invites your customers in, helps direct the flow of movement through your store, highlights areas of importance and reflects the face of your brand. Your floor space has to be aesthetic, durable, easy to clean and it should work with you.

Resilient flooring, such as Adore’s, is a solid solution to retail needs. The mechanical floor height offers zero transition from surface plane to surface plane, facilitating patterning for the use of space definition.

Adore’s proprietary technologies enhance durability on the surface and in the wear layer for better resistance to indentation and overall appearance retention.

Technologies and features such as:

  • Durable, tough wearing MicroCeramic™reinforced layer
  • Duramond™ scratch and scuff resistant surface coatings
  • Superior indentation resistance
  • Slip Resistance
  • Ease of maintenance

…and resilient flooring comes in a multitude of patterns, colours, and sizes.

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